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Is Unschooling Better Than Homeschooling?

By Victor Trammell

There is a big distinction between homeschooling and what people call “unschooling.”

People unfamiliar with these two concepts often erroneously put them in the same category. Homeschooling entails following a set curriculum during the process of educating your children in the home.

Unschooling involves not using a set curriculum. It give parents the opportunity to allow their children to direct themselves when it comes to learning. Unschooling embraces the idea that children have the organic ability to teach themselves. is a web publication managed by professional parenting experts who provide content that helps adults find useful alternatives to the conventional school system. Dr. Peter Gray is a senior contributor to this website.

Dr.Gray wrote an inspiring article for Alternatives To School  titled,Children Are Beautifully Designed, by Nature, to Control Their Own Education.

When young people in our culture are granted the freedom and opportunity to educate themselves, outside of the boundaries of traditional school, they generally do so fully and joyfully,” Dr. Gray wrote.

Dr. Gray went on to emphasize the importance of allowing children to use their everyday experiences as a child to enhance their ability to learn.

“Through their everyday engagement with life, and especially through their free play and exploration, they acquire the skills, knowledge and values needed for success in our culture,” he also wrote.

Founders of the unschooling institution of thought would probably tell you that their chosen technique for educating children is the best way to go about doing it. However, homeschooling does offer the opportunity for children to be knowledgeable about what is ahead.

Having a set curriculum does provide children a solid foundation on learning deadlines, which is what the real world is all about. In essence, discussing the pros and cons of both homeschooling and unschooling does create the atmosphere for a healthy and much needed debate.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,



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