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Youngest Entrepreneurs in Beauty Shop Business Give Advice to Youth

By Victor Trammell

Building well-rounded teenagers who start early securing their financial future and career goals definitely starts in the home.

However, many black parents have bought into the same mindstate for “success” other cultures commonly use to guide their American households: Go to school, graduate, and then go look for a job working for the first employer who accepts you. Two black teen girls were blessed to be able to have a better alternative.

Kayla and Keonna Davis (pictured) are two sisters from California who made history by becoming the youngest pair of business people ever to start a beauty supply shop in America. Their path to success started in the summer of 2014. Kayla (then 17) and Keonna (then 19) were angry after not being able to find jobs to support themselves.

However, when their mother Lethia heard them complaining about their fruitless job searches, she adamantly gave her daughters the best advice a parent could give. “I told them, ‘Stop begging for work, and make your own work,’” Lethia said in her interview with For Harriet.

Lethia herself has experience starting her own businesses as well. Kayla and Keonna are now 19 and 21 respectively. Their KD Hair Supply store is located in Moreno Valley, California. Business is good for the young ladies, who started the store before each of them were old enough to legally purchase alcohol.

The determined pair of sisters sat down with The Root to share their experiences and offer insight to other young people about how to dedicate themselves to being financially independent. “We would like to tell [young black entrepreneurs] to be patient and to go for whatever they desire,” the pair said in their interview.

“People will discourage you and tell you that it’s too hard, but we want to encourage them to research their dream to see if it’s obtainable and go for it,” they continued. The pair plans to open up other stores in California as they continue to grow. Homeschooling children can definitely play a role in making a future success story like this one.

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