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TX Homeschool Family Wins After Being Bullied By Child Protective Services

By Victor Trammell

A story emerged this month about a Texas homeschool family that was constantly harassed, threatened, and intimidated by Child Protective Services (CPS), according to a very recent report by One News Now.

According to a report last week, CPS was dealt a finishing blow for its bullying after it was determined that the Texas-based agency was unjustified in its over-reaching investigation of a homeschool family for violations that were found to be non-existent.

The Homeshcool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) represented this Texas family (which has preferred not to to be named) in its struggle to end the failed CPS investigation. The HSLDA published a press release on its website less than two weeks ago, which described how the entired incident transpired. Their statement read:

The family had fully cooperated with a CPS investigation conducted after one of their children fell off a horse and broke his arm. The parents allowed the caseworker to see all their children and verify that their environment was safe. The caseworker assured them that the report would be closed as unfounded. But three weeks later, the family got a phone message from the local CPS office telling them that the caseworker had left, and that CPS needed to restart the entire investigation. (

The CPS worker who left the phone message threatened the family and told them they could still face diciplinary action once the investigation was restarted if the agency confirmed that there was foul play committed by the parents.

However, according to an attorney for the family, the adopted child in the homeschool family has a history of sensitivity when it comes to dealing with CPS workers. The child was also well-adjusted to the homeschool family that adopted them and had no desire to be taken out of the household.

“When I wrote CPS, they had already done their job of making sure that the child at issue was safe,  HSLDA attorney Darren Jones said in an official statement. “I was glad that once they took a look at the facts, they realized that the case could be closed,” Jones continued.

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