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Meet Kansas City’s Next Fashion Prodigy, 17 Year Old Wasilah Smith

By Victor Trammell

A 17-year-old Kansas City black male is making headlines for his passion for fashion,

According to Fox News affiliate Channel 4 in Kansas City, Missouri, Wasilah Smith (pictured) is positioning himself to be the next big name in the clothing design industry.

Smith started developing his curiosity about  clothing while watching his grandmother stitch on her sewing machine when he was around 6-years-old.

His grandmother, Susie Goodwin told Fox 4 KC that she noticed her grandson’s observations of her working the sewing machine for years. When Smith was 13, his grandmother started showing him how to use it and allowed him to start working on sewing and mending projects himself.

“I was upstairs sewing or mending… and he said, ‘I wanna do this,'” Goodwin told Fox 4 KC. As Goodwin started showing her grandson how to do things, he caught on fast. “I’m going wow! Man… boy you good!” Goodwin also told Fox 4.

Smith began honing his skills faithfully after his grandmother let him start spending time alone stitching, patching, and mending. He’d even stay up late at night and go without sleep drawing his own designs and bringing them to life on fabric using the sewing machine.

To to this day, Smith still has that same kind of work ethic when he’s spending time in his grandmother’s attic coming up with new ideas for clothing designs.

“Say I start making these jeans tonight, and I don’t finish tonight. When I go to school tomorrow this is all I’m gonna think about, Smith told Fox 4 KC.

Currently, Smith designs bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts, and t-shirts, which carry his own brand called Asid Luxury. Most of his clothing items sell for around $100 and up. Smith’s clothing can be bought on his website, which also contains links to all of Asid’s social media promotional activities.

The clothing for sale on the Asid website has already been featured in ads for national magazines. Smith says he aspires to have his Asid Luxury clothing brand endorsed by famous celebrities.

“Justin Bieber is a pretty stylish dude,” Smith told Fox 4 KC.

Smith’s biggest motivator is getting the opportunity to inspire Kansas City youth to shoot for beyond average goals.

“You can do it. Don’t ever let somebody tell you can’t do something you want to do,” Smith said. After graduating high school, Smith said he wants to enter design school to further educate himself on how to expand his brand.

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