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Woman Shares Her Story Of Raising Three Gifted Children

By Victor Trammell

Nothing makes a dedicated parent more proud than raising a child that grows from being a gifted little boy or girl into becoming a highly productive and successful man or woman.

For Colette Morehead (pictured second from far right), this kind of parenting experience was a reality. Morehead is an educator in Nevada who is the mother of two highly gifted young women and one exceptionally intelligent young man. Black Enterprise Magazine recently conducted a two-part interview of Morehead.

In the interview, Morehead talks about her experience as an educator for K-7 students in the study of visual arts. She also talks about her enriching experience raising three gifted children. However, problems like institutionalized racism in the conventional school system presented its fair share of obstacles for her and her children.

“My twin girls, Nicole and Natalie, were readily identified and participated in the school district’s pullout gifted program during their early elementary school years. They enjoyed the gifted services for two years,” Colette told Black Enterprise in her exclusive interview.

However, the extraordinary educational experience for Morehead’s daughters eventually came to an end.

“Afterwards, however, without a reasonable explanation, my daughters were denied access to the gifted program. I went back and forth with the school administration, but eventually, accepted their decision, knowing that I would be able to supplement their education on my own,” Morehead continued.

Morehead’s only son, Evan, also went through difficulties during his mother’s journey while raising him to be an above average student.

“He didn’t face as many challenges as his sisters until he reached high school. He often complained to me about a white classmate that told him that he was black and had no business being ‘smart,'” Morehead also said in her interview.

Today, all of Morehead’s children are college graduates working excellent jobs in the most rewarding career fields. To read Morehead’s full two-part interview with Black Enterprise Magazine, please click the links listed as sources below.

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