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Project Gentlemen Gives Chicago Young Men Suits and Business, Life Lessons

By Victor Trammell

A Chicago-based initiative created by a team of local businessmen served around 300 high school senior males by teaching them some valuable skills in life and economics.

According to local Chicago news station ABC 7, these businessmen organized “Project Gentlemen,” which held an all-day event held last weekend. Project Gentlemen is the charitable division of an organization called I Am A Gentleman (IAAG).

IAAG was founded by a successful business consultant named Jermaine Anderson. Anderson also serves as the President and CEO of IAAG. Corey Carr is IAAG’s Vice President. Carr is an established and educated entrepreneur from the Chicago area. Both Anderson and Car were instrumental in organizing Project Gentleman’s all-day event last Saturday. These are definitely two motivated black men who are living the change they want to see.

For the first time ever in Chicago, business suits were donated to hunderds of young men who will be graduating high school this year. Anderson and Carr were able to work with other businessmen in the Chicago area to get the suits donated.

Project Gentleman was created to help young men with leadership skills, business ettiquitte, and resisting lifestyles of violence.

“We tell the young men it’s not about the outer garments you wear, but we do want to take pride in your appearance. Because that appearance can get you in doors and also get doors closed in your face,” Anderson told ABC 7.

One of the local high school seniors that participated in Project Gentleman’s event last weekend was a young man named Jose Munoz. Munoz stood with pride after he was fitted in his free suit, dress shirt, and necktie.

“If I get a chance, I’ll wear it to job interviews,” Munoz told ABC 7.

Munoz said he was to become a professional chef after graduating from a cullinary arts college after he finishes high school. He then wants to start his own restaraunt. “I want to specialize in Italian,” Munoz also told ABC 7.

The young men who attended the IAAG-sponsored event also heard motivational speeches from top executives at major corporations.

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