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Teen Gets Horrible Backlash After Posting That She’s a Valedictorian With Millions in Scholarships

By Victor Trammell

Graduating from high school with honors and getting accepted into a good university is the American dream for most teenagers who successfully finish their K-12 education.

Mari Filer (pictured), an Alabama teen who just graduated from a Tuscaloosa high school is living that dream. Filer’s hard work earned her some acceptance letters from 39 colleges and $2.8 million in scholarship awards. She also graduated at the top of her class with a 4.59 grade point average.

After achieving her amazing accomplishment, Filer took to Twitter to announce the great news. She received over 83,000 likes on Twitter and was largely congratulated for her well-earned academic success. However, not everyone on social media gave her their good graces.

In fact, Filer received a deplorable amount of hateful comments from sexists and trolls who berated her. One Twitter user even accused her of lying about her commendable accomplishment.

“A man said what…what was she doing out of the kitchen?” Filer told Wish TV when describing a sexist Twitter user’s comment. “[And] that’s a lie, she’s doing this to boost her ego, she’s trying to make herself look better by doing this and that, you can’t even get above a 4.0 GPA,” she continued.

Filer obviously isn’t worried about the hateful venom coming from people on Twitter who are obviously too disgusted with their own lives to see happiness unfold in someone else’s life. While attending high school, she accumulated 24 college credits before she stepped foot on the campus of any university.

She’s ultimately decided to attend Florida A&M Univeristy when she begins her college career next fall. Filer has also received a full-ride scholarship to got to school at Florida A&M. This incident of hate on social media exposes the widespread amount of sexism that still exists in our society.

However, young Ms. Filer’s resolve shows what a young black woman can achieve regardless of the societal adversities that exist for her gender and race.

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11 thoughts on “Teen Gets Horrible Backlash After Posting That She’s a Valedictorian With Millions in Scholarships

  1. Dongoliano

    Congratulations, young lady, on a job well done.

    Attention is what haters and trolls want. Don’t give it to ’em.

  2. Sandi

    This young lady did her thing she has every right to brag about her successes keep doing you Queen…

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  4. T

    Lol to the idiot who said you can’t get higher than a 4.0 clearly you have no clue what you’re talking about. Getting an A in an AP class is worth more than an A in a general class which would give more points! Therefore she can very well receive more than a 4.0!

  5. Keith Davis

    Haters will hate. Don’t ever be ashamed of being smart. 10 years from now these same losers will be asking you for a job

  6. Ramir

    May u stay confident in God and he will lead you. Sometimes people can be ignorant but he keep your composure and stay bold. We are going to excel together. 😊

  7. Alloysius

    Congrats to the princess. Job well done. Continue to shine. No stopping now. I’ll visit you in your office in the near future.

  8. Asiatic

    Men have long given up on the “Woman in the kitchen” scenario, it’s an anachronism…The “what are you doing out of the kitchen?” was a racist comment as that is the most prevailent problem America has with it’s Black population. to assume sexism first as motive is divertive…Congratulations young Queen, hope she becomes an innovator in whatever fields she choses!


    There are always going to be those who will look at your success and feel resentment and hate because you are an intelligent, beautiful African American Woman. Nevertheless, your best revenge is to continue to succeed in whatever field you choose to endeavor. Congratulations and continued wishes for your success in the words of Martin Luther King, “Keep Your Eyes On the Prize”.


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