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This 24 Year Old Woman Has Developed An App For Autistic Kids

By Victor Trammell

Autism is an adverse disorder that affects brain function. It is a particularly difficult disorder for children to deal with.

In the West African nation of Ghana, an organization called HopeSetters Autism Center is helping a vast number of autistic children lead normal lives and obtain a better education. HopeSetters is a privately funded organization.

It’s the first autism center ever in Sub-Saharan Africa to provide its very special services to autistic children living on the continent. HopeSetters has helped children in a very innovative way by developing an autism app.

Alice Amoako (pictured), 24, is the developer of the HopeSetter autism app. Amoako claims she developed the app because she wanted to assist teachers by helping them cope better with educating autistic children.

“I [visited] an autism centre and had interactions with the caregivers and children, and I realized there was a need to help raise awareness,” Amoako told

“In my final year [at university], I had to do a project to complete my studies, and we developed the app,” she continued.

Currently, Ghana does not have an official record from the government, which reports how many children in the nation are affected with autism. However, according to a report by a national group working to raise autism awareness, 1 in 87 children three-years-old and under in Ghana are living with autism.

The report also indicated that autism occurs in boys at four times the rate that it occurs in girls. To read more on this report, please click here.

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12 thoughts on “This 24 Year Old Woman Has Developed An App For Autistic Kids

  1. irubor joy

    This is great. It’s about time we put autism to light especially in the area of education. Thanks ma’am

  2. Georgette Nichols

    Praise the Lord. I plan to tell my granddaughter about this site. My great grandson is a six year old autistic. He is so adorable but still a hand full at times. God bless you for your efforts to help these children. He has been going to school since he was two and he’s very smart. Especially on electronics.

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  4. Erica

    I have a 19 year old son he is autistic, He is the oldest of seven kids, he’s very quiet laid back, I would love to get him in a program for autistic kids and adults.

  5. Jennifer parson

    Have a 15 year old autistic child child has a serious behaviour problem tried get help everything closes for me i live in wilson nc schools are limited for females resources are as well

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