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White House Experts: It Will Take a Village To End School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Victor Trammell

Here at, we have provided a substantial amount of commentary, which sheds light on the existence of the capricious School-to-Prison Pipeline currently affecting a legion of public school children in black communities across America.

The privatization of the prison-industrial complex and the political will of its powerful benefactors pose a huge threat to the destiny of our children and the nation’s education system. There is a bigger prioritization focused on prison preparation than there is on the prioritization of preparing our children for adult education.

Furthermore, this dangerous threat thoroughly exposes what America really values when it comes to our children’s futures. The effort to de-escalate this threat is underway and is being undertaken by plenty of honorable individuals and organizations.

NBC News published an editorial online earlier this week, which was written by Andrene Jones-Castro and David J. Johns, two experienced White House education experts. The editorial was titled, Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline is Village Work. 

This title implies that working toward ending the immoral trade-off of education for the criminalization of our youth truly takes a serious group effort.

“The school-to-prison pipeline is rooted in over-disciplined and over-policed schools that disproportionately harm Black children and adolescents,” wrote Jones-Castro and Johns.

“These practices must be disrupted and supplanted to ensure that all Black children are supported as they learn and develop,” they also said.

Jones-Castro and Johns went on to reveal a multi-pronged plan geared toward severely disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline. This plan included “ending disruptive discipline practices” and “developing pro-active disciplinary responses.”

“Schools should work with parents and families, business and industry, community and faith leaders, and law enforcement to design and implement intervention plans to prevent school pushout,” Jones-Castro and Johns additionally said.

Hopefully, a clear message is etched into the minds of other proponents of the valiant cause of ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Tackling this problem is certainly going to take the effort of a village.

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