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Are Black Kids Being Sacrificed in Unjust Schools?

By Victor Trammell

In the United States, black children are a majority of the student population most of the time inside an institution of any of the country’s urban public school systems.

However, the progress being made toward black students gaining the ability to learn inside effectively inside these public school institutions is limited, according to the Huffington Post (HP).

Gwen E. Samuel, an advocate for a Connecticut-based organization called Equity In Education recently wrote an opinion-editorial that was published in the HP titled  Why Are Parents Of Color And The Poor Expected To Keep Sacrificing Their Kids Well-being In Unjust Schools – For An Education?

Gwen Samuel’s article pointed out how the modern public school system falls short for the benefit of black students in the areas of academic equality and social justice. One does not have to look far when seeking out how black children are under-served in many of America’s urban public school districts.

“It is immoral and inhumane to keep forcing parents of color and the poor to subject their children to the many traditional public schools across the United States, that do not treat them as human beings deserving of dignity and respect at a minimum, under the guise of achieving the American dream- an education,” Samuel wrote in her informative opinion-editorial.

The mainstream news media proves daily in each of its well-publicized reports online, on television, or via radio that black and urban children are t;he sacrificial lambs of today’s public school systems. Gwen Samuel sums this concept up sanely by writing the following:

“We definitely know what failing schools that discriminate look and feel like because many children of color are forced to attend them every day – but those days will soon change because parents, students and communities are moving 0from the sidelines into the game of education reform because it has become a matter of survival,” (

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