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Meet Donna Beasley: Founder of First-Ever Interactive eBook Library for Black Kids

By Victor Trammell

For the first time in the history of the publishing industry, a digital library platform has been created for the purpose of educating and entertaining black and Latino children.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, a series of eBooks called KaZoom Kids iStory Books was released this summer by an American black woman who worked with a team of minorities authors to pull off a truly unprecedented move. Donna Beasley (pictured) is the mastermind of this amazing digital-first library.

The team of authors that created KaZoom Kids iStory Books is extremely diverse age-wise. Children as young as 10 and seniors all the way up to the age of 75 years got the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful online learning archive. Beasley herself is an author and her experience in the marketing, advertising, and publishing industries was vital to getting this operation off the ground.

Beasley is from Chicago. She was inspired to create KaZoom Kids iStory Books by her 6-year-old niece Moani during a visit at a bookstore on the young girl’s birthday. Beasley told the Atlanta Black Star that her niece asked, “Are there any books about kids like me?”

Beasley was troubled to find out that out of the hundreds of children’s books sold at the downtown Chicago bookstore that her and her niece were attending at that time, none of them featured any images of black or Latino children. This reality may be disheartening to most minorities.

However, Beasley did what any black entrepreneurial-minded person should do when they see an absence of diversity or experience discrimination in any place of business they are patronizing: Start their own business. In 2014, that is exactly what Beasley did when she founded KaZoom Kids iStory Books.

“We believe that every child should see themselves and their community in a book,” Beasley also told the Atlanta Black Star. “And that’s really the foundation on which we stand,” she continued.

The KaZoom Kids iStory Books come in traditional, interactive, and read-along forms. They target children aged 3-8 and will also be available in Spanish by the holiday season.

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