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British Educators Are Against Course That Teaches Africans Arrived in Britain First

By Victor Trammell

In the United Kingdom (U.K.), proponents of what people call a “whiteout” of history are pushing heavily for the elimination of a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) course that teaches the truth about world history.

The GCSE course at the center of this case teaches that Africans arrived in Great Britain before the first Englishmen did. This is the course content issue that these educators and academics are in an uproar over. The protesters believe the historically inaccurate story, which claims that the first Africans to come to the British Isles came there with Roman soldiers.

This is the story that the “whiteout” historians have stuck to for many centuries, but it is not true. However, the protesters who are against this GCSE course, which teaches the truth about world history believe that teaching students that Africans arrived in the British Isles first is “unscrupulous” and “a total distortion that is outrageous.”

The world history course that these protesters are so mad about is called “Migration to Britain” and it covers the migration activity in the British Isles between the years 1000 to 2010 A.D.

“The history of migration is the story of Britain,” wrote author and historian Peter Fryer in 1984. “There were Africans in Britain before the English came,” Fryer continued.

Fryer is an English journalist and and an expert on the Marxist ideology. In the early 1980s, he wrote a book titled “Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain.”  This book is one of Fryer’s most defining works of literature. He passed away in October of 2006, but his legacy of unveiling the truth about African migration in the British Isles will live on.

Mike Goddard, the head of history at the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board has approved this new GCSE course and has voiced his strong position of support for the new curriculum.

“There is no political bias,” Goddard said in a statement. “The GCSE will present facts. It is not pushing any particular argument,” he continued.

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2 thoughts on “British Educators Are Against Course That Teaches Africans Arrived in Britain First

  1. Roy Stockdill

    Utter politically correct twaddle by crackpot Marxist lefties yet again trying to rewrite history in order to make black people feel better about their status! To suggest that the first black people to come to Britain came with the Romans is a gross lie. The Romans governed Britain from AD43 to the 4th century, but there were Celtic tribes and other prehistoric people in Britain long before then. Who on earth do you think built the great prehistoric monument Stonehenge from about 3,000BC? I suppose that was black people too?

    Black people have an enormous chip on their shoulder the size of Stonehenge itself and will clutch at any straws to enhance their history and manipulate their status and feelings about themselves, just to make themselves feel better!

    Roy Stockdill, professional genealogist and historia, England

  2. Tony

    Hmmm…well if modern humans, a family to which I will assume that Brits belong to, originated in South East Africa and migrated north into Europe as the scientific evidence supports? Do you honestly expect us to believe that a group of dark people, from the continent now called Africa, suddenly turned white just before they crossed into Europe? The first, indigenous people on every continent on this planet were originally black people of African descent, who later mutated due to environmental differences and a very limited gene pool, to later become the so called races we have today. So that would mean that yes, the first people in Britain were so called black people of color.


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