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Parents of GA Kid Reading At 8 Months Create Black-Owned School For Gifted Kids

By Victor Trammell

A black mother with a gifted son is making a big difference in the world after seeing that her city had no schools with the ample resources to properly educate her above-average child.

Mrs. Claire Anderson, a resident of Atlanta’s metropolitan area realized that her son Caleb was a special prodigy with extraordinary academic abilities when he was just eight months old. At that age, little Caleb was already reading. He went on to start the first grade by the time he was a year and six months old.

Mrs. Anderson and her husband were very happy about their son’s exceptional academic ability and wanted him to establish continuity at the rate he was learning things. The Andersons looked into enrolling Caleb in a number of public and private schools, which they thought would be able to suit their son’s uncanny intellectual capabilities.

Mrs. Anderson and her husband hit brick wall after brick wall in their quest to find the right education institution for their son. One school psychologist even told Mrs. Anderson to stop teaching her son so that other children could get up to speed. School administrators and teachers seemed shocked over the fact that a black boy was so smart.

After all the doors on the Andersons closed, they decided to take it upon themselves to educate their gifted child.

Mrs. Anderson has a master’s degree in education. In the past, she also launched a program in her community, which focused on enriching the above-average academic needs of children who could read before the age of three. Today, she owns and operates the Atlanta Gifted Academy (pictured) in Marietta, Georgia.

“My main goal is to provide [gifted children] with the best education out there for them. I always tell people that I want my students to have the best resources. I want them to be prepared to go to any Ivy League college of their choosing,” Mrs. Anderson told The Root in an exclusive interview.

“I want to make sure that they have the best curriculum, the best teachers … at their fingertips,” she continued.

Mrs. Anderson’s son Caleb is one of the students at the Atlanta Gifted Academy. This private school was founded by Mrs. Anderson in 2012 and the majority of the students are African-American. The story surrounding this school’s founder serves as a good source of inspiration for parents who want the best education for their children.

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4 thoughts on “Parents of GA Kid Reading At 8 Months Create Black-Owned School For Gifted Kids

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  2. Michelle Minton

    Kudos to you. Proud of you guys and your son I live in the area and GA has the worst schools thanks for giving our children a chance!


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