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Meet Dr. Paul Miller: Black Educator Turning At-Risk Urban Youth Into Future Leaders

By Victor Trammell

The head of an all-male charter school in Albany, New York is making a big difference in the lives of at-risk students who are at the lower end of the academic performance category.

Dr. Paul Miller (pictured center) is the principal and CEO of Green Tech High Charter School. Dr. Miller is a main driver of the great vision being implemented at Green Tech, which involves molding young men for greatness. A number of these young men are the kind that the system easily gives up on.

Dr. Miller himself was once an at-risk minority young man growing up in a housing project located in Rochester, New York. He was surrounded by poverty and has a lot of friends he grew up with who got lost in the street life. Some of those friends ended up in the prison system. Others lost their lives.

However, Dr. Miller was blessed to have a grandmother in his life who planted the value of education in his spirit. He has channeled that spirit well since he took over the top position at Green Tech in 2012. Under Dr. Miller’s leadership, the graduation rate at Green Tech has skyrocketed to a highly respectable 94 percent.

Not only that, 100 percent of the young men who graduate from Green tech get accepted into college. These young men have also earned a combined amount totaling over $13 million dollars in college scholarships since Dr. Miller has been at the helm at Green Tech.

A former Green Tech student named Shane Francis was one of the young men who was “on-the-fringe.” Before he was a student at Green Tech, he attended a high school in St. Albans, Queens. At the St. Albans school, Francis was not meeting his full academic potential.

“I was someone who really fought against structure and discipline a lot,” Francis said in an interview with Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report (EUR). “I thought I was on top of the world. I was smart but I was bad. I did whatever I wanted,” Francis continued.

Francis is now a Green Tech employee. He is also studying managerial accounting at New York’s Schenectady County Community College.

“Our youth have to do better,” Dr. Miller told EUR. “Their mindsets have to change, but it is up to us to improve their mindsets by having the right systems and procedures in place, expanding their surroundings, and developing their minds,” he continued.

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