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Canadian Teacher Faces Disciplinary Action After Saying Some Disgusting Things to Student

By Victor Trammell

A  teacher who works at a school in the Canadian province of Ontario faces a series of disciplinary hearings on Friday (September 23rd) over allegations of  saying some filthy things to a student.

Jennifer Green-Johnson (pictured) is an English teacher at Dunnville Secondary School in Dunnville, Ontario. Green-Johnson has two sets of charges against her, which she will have to answer to before a disciplinary panel organized by the Ontario College of Teachers.

According to one set of charges that have been leveled against her, Green-Johnson is accused of asking a student to lick her rectal area. However, Green-Johnson’s disgusting history of using cruel, inappropriate, and insane language while reprimanding students dates clear back to 2011.

In January of that year, Green-Johnson was accused of sharing some personal life information regarding her past $exual abuse, which made a number of students feel very uncomfortable. Later in 2011, Green-Johnson also made a very vulgar comment about a male actor’s genitalia after her class viewed a movie she selected.

However, Green-Johnson has faced little disciplinary action over her long list of verbally abusive tirades against school children. She even called a male student a “bloody pedophile.” In January of this year, Green-Johnson was suspended for a month without pay and ordered to take classes on classroom etiquette at her own expense.

But that is the most severe punishment Green-Johnson has faced since 2011. The website for Dunnvile Secondary School still lists Green-Johnson as an English teacher for grades 10-12. The Ontario Star newspaper reported last week that Green-Johnson has not been fired from her job as of yet.

“Green-Johnson is alleged to have “slapped and/or hit” a male student on the head in March, told him to “grow some balls,” called him an “idiot” and discussed personal issues with a student during class even though that individual was not enrolled in the class,” wrote Rosie Dimanno, a columnist for The Ontario Star.

Green-Johnson faces a teaching certificate revocation if she is found guilty at Friday’s disciplinary hearings.

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