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Education Secretary’s Problematic Comments About Homeschoolers

By Victor Trammell

For many new-age families, homeschooling has become a safer, more convenient, and in some cases more cost efficient alternative to educating children via the private or public sector.

Homeschooling is a growing academic phenomenon, which has become much more prevalent than it was before the beginning of the 21st century. An online political news website from The Heritage Foundation called The Daily Signal reported that the amount of homeschooling families in America has doubled since 1999.

The Daily Signal also reported that homeschooled children currently make up for 3.4 percent of the school-age population nationwide. There has also been extensive research conducted, which proves that the average homeschooled child is prepared for college as good as or even better than children who are traditionally educated.

Famous and successful athletes like Serena Williams and Tim Tebow were raised in homeschool families. Tebow actually graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in family, youth and community sciences. However, critics of homeschoolers still spew their unfounded rhetoric in any public platform they can soak up.

The latest high-profile critic of homeschooling is Dr. John King (pictured), President Obama’s acting Secretary of Education. Dr. King was recently at a breakfast, which was held this past Wednesday morning by The Christian Science Monitor.

He spoke to reporters at the breakfast who asked him questions regarding the remarks he made about homeschool families. “[I’m worried that] students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school,” Dr. King said, according to Politico.

Dr. King also said that homeschooled children miss out on what a lot of what traditional school is all about, which is building relationships with teachers and other students. He stressed that if homeschool parents don’t focus on that element, their children won’t get to experience it.

It certainly sounds like Dr. King is discouraged by the rise in homeshooling going on today. However, he may not be discouraged because of the academic obstacles he thinks homeschooled children are facing.

Dr. King and other government bureaucrats like him are probably more concerned that a shrinking number of participants in the traditional education system will lead to their eventual obsolescence.

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