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Michigan Student Suspended for Posting Pictures of Discolored Water In School Restroom On Social Media

By Victor Trammell

A public school student at a high school in Westland, Michigan has been placed on out-of-school suspension for exposing contaminated water in a school restroom on social media.

Hazel Juco, a senior at John Glenn High School was using the restroom one day last week and turned on a sink’s water faucet in the restroom to wash her hands. Upon observation, Juco saw that the water came out discolored with a yellowish consistency.

She then took a picture of the running water and posted it on social media voicing her concerns about the contaminated water in her school restroom. “I just took a picture of it. And then in my newspaper class I talked about it with them,” Juco told a local media source.

“I always hope that someone will see it and want to help us because our school obviously doesn’t have money, she continued.

After posting the picture and sharing her opinions about this serious matter on Facebook and Twitter, Juco was instructed to go to the office of her school’s principal. Once she arrived there, Juco was informed that she was being placed on an out-of-school suspension.

Juco told Detroit’s local WXYZ-TV news station that the school district called what she did “inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom.” However, Juco says she believed she was singled out simply because she was bringing attention to a critical issue, which made the school look incompetent.

“Every girl takes selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile pictures,” Juco told WXYZ-TV. “No one has gotten in trouble,” she continued.

Dozens of Juco’s fellow classmates and friends held a protest after school that day to show her support. Someone saw Juco’s original Twitter posting and contacted the local media right away. As expected, the Superintendent of Wayne-Westand Community Schools gave a statement downplaying the district’s decision to suspend Juco from school.

“The punishment is inappropriate,” said Dr. Michele Harmala, the Superintendent of the Wayne-Westland public school district. Dr. Harmala also stated that school administrators did not report the water problem the maintenance staff at John Glenn High School.

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