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Students At MT High School Face Suspension For Wearing “White Power” T-Shirts to Celebrate Spirit Week

By Victor Trammell

Last Thursday, the so-called “Color Wars Day” during Spirit Week at a high school in Montana erupted in racial controversy. This happened when a group of juniors showed up at school with t-shirts advertising symbols of hatred and white supremacy.

According to KPAX Channel 8, a local news source in Polson, Montana, this group of juniors at Polson High School came to school with shirts that read “White Power” and “White Pride.” One of the shirts worn by a student had the Confederate Flag printed across it.

Pictures of the students wearing these shirts to school were blasted all over social media, which created a tidal wave of responses. Some of those responses came from people who were very uncomfortable with the blatant expressions of bigotry shared by the group of white juniors who incited the racial unrest.

A school district official has released a statement regarding the racially-based controversy that erupted at Polson High School last week.

“Throughout this week we had Spirit Week, Homecoming Week. Great activities of different dress-ups throughout the week. Thursday was what we call Color Wars, which is really a class-color competition,” says Polson School District Superintendent Rex Weltz.

According to Weltz, each grade at the high school was assigned a color to wear on Color Wars Day during Spirit Week. Freshman wore green, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore white, and seniors wore black. However, the juniors at the center of this story obviously took the school tradition too far.

“We had a couple kids who made poor choices,” Weltz also said. “And really we don’t want to pull the activity and the program away for some bad choices,” he continued.

KPAX Channel 8 reported that at least two students have been suspended for their race-baiting antics and a few others are awaiting a final decision about the disciplinary action that will be taken against them in light of this incident.

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