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At Age 8, Jordan Phipps Is Youngest Recipient of Univ. of. N. Texas Scholarship

By Victor Trammell

In Garland, Texas, a black girl who is only eight-years-old has done something phenomenal that’s never been done before by someone so young.

According to a Tuesday report from, Jordin Phipps (pictured) recently received a $10,000 scholarship to pay for her college education! The University of North Texas awarded the academic scholarship to Phipps after an adorable video with her in it went viral.

In the video, the cute soccer-loving third-grader is reciting a poetic, motivational chant that she learned at her local elementary school. Phipps is wearing a University of North Texas t-shirt in the video as she speaks confidently with emphasis. Phipps’s mother graduated from the University of North Texas, which is where she has always aspired to attend college when she grows up.

“I will start my day in a positive way! I will be respectful with the words that I say. I will pay attention and I will do my best and I will study hard for every test!” Phipps chants adorably in the video.

Phipps was surprised at her local elementary school as officials from the University of North Texas came to her school’s multi-purpose room to present her with the award. “She touched us with her video, her spirit, and her positive attitude,” said Rebecca Lothringer, a spokeswoman for the University of North Texas in a television interview with ABC News.

Phipps told ABC News in her television interview that she aspires to study engineering when she finishes high school. She also shared her message of inspiration to other little girls. “They can do whatever they want to do and they can do whatever they stick their mind to,” she said.

During Phipps’s special elementary school ceremony, cheerleaders for the sports program at the University of North Texas showed up to help celebrate the amazing moment.

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