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Study Says Most School Kids Prefer Teachers Of Color

By Victor Trammell

Research has proven that publicly educated middle and high school students of all races prefer teachers that are Black or Latino over white teachers, according to a study by New York University (NYU).

If this sounds like race-baiting dogma to you, then I suggest you look at the facts. Numbers don’t just erratically lie. The scholastic researchers from NYU’s division of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development department revealed the following reality:

“Middle and high school students of all races have a more favorable opinion of Black and Latino teachers than they do of White teachers,” wrote the authors of “The Importance of Minority Teachers: Student Perceptions of Minority Versus White Teachers,” according to The Journal of Blacks In Higher Education.

The American public school system has a societal  history curriculum that lacks the substance to properly educate its young people about the factually consistent issues, which have ravaged the nation’s racially depraved judicial system. The NYU study’s authors wrote:

“Beyond simply a matter of demographic mismatch, several lines of arguments have been raised to explain why the divide is One body of work drawing from quasi-experimental methods has focused on how teachers’ perceptions of students’ academic merit vary by students’ racial/ ethnic background, even after controlling for objective measures of student ability.

Two meta-analyses conducted over 20 years apart arrive at similar conclusions: Teachers have higher expectations of White and Asian American students and lower expectations of Latino and Black students (Baron, Tom, & Cooper, 1985; Tenenbaum & Ruck, 2007).

In particular, research using the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88) found that [America’s predominantly white public school] teachers perceive Black students as putting in less effort for good grades and as being less attentive in class compared to their White peers (Ainsworth-Darnell & Downey, 1998; Downey & Ainsworth-Darnell, 2002).

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