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This School Tripled Recess And The Results Were Amazing

By Victor Trammell

Recess is an essential part of harnessing a child’s important need to engage in regular physical activity.

There are lot of public school districts across America, which do not abide by the legal requirements of physical activity that children are supposed to be assigned. Here at, we’ve published a report that covered the public school district of Washington D.C., the nation’s capital city.

In the recent report, it was revealed that the D.C. public school district was not regularly assigning recess or physical education classes in accordance with the law. This is not just a problem in the nation’s capital. The risks for not allowing children the opportunity to physically engage are not being taken very seriously.

Other school districts across the nation are shirking their responsibilities when it comes to implementing the legal exercise requirements that children need. However, there are some schools in other places, which offer some light at the end of the tunnel.

Scary Mommy, a popular blog that is read by an audience primarily made of women shared an article written by Elizabeth Licata, a Scary Mommy contributor. In her well-written article, Licata talked about a school in the U.S. state of Texas that went against the grain by tripling the amount of regularly assigned recess for its children.

The impact of this revolutionary decision by educators at Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas has been very positive.

“Teachers say the kids are actually learning more because they’re better able to focus in class and pay attention without fidgeting,” wrote Licata.

A teacher at the school also shared her enthusiasm about the results of extending recess periods.

““There was a part of me that was very nervous about it,” says first-grade teacher Donna McBride. “I was trying to wrap my head around my class going outside four times a day and still being able to teach those children all the things they needed to learn,” she continued.

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