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Black Teachers’ Struggles: The Burden and Blessing Of Helping Black Kids

By Victor Trammell

All across America in public school districts based in the urban core, black students are educated in environments with scarce amounts of resources.

Technological resources are few and far between in poorer school districts with predominantly black populations. Effective administrative leadership is another resource that is lacking. However, the least available resource for black school students is probably the most important. This is a human resource called the black teacher.

A teacher has the ability to made an impact on a child that lasts a lifetime. The influence a child receives from their educational environment has the power to either uplift them indefinitely or forever set them up for failure. This is why the job of black teachers in so many distressed minority communities is extremely vital.

Part of the blessing of being a black teacher in a minority community is that you give a black child the representation they need in their everyday lives, which exemplifies equality and diversity in our society. Another part of the blessing is being able to provide the inspiration children need to figure out their lifetime goals.

However, there is also a burden that comes with being a black teacher responsible for educating black children in a society that is eradicating education as a primary value.

According to a recent op-ed published by National Public Radio (NPR), black teachers are leaving the profession of public education at an alarming rate.

“As of 2012, 16 percent of public school students were African-American, while just 7 percent of teachers were black,” wrote Cory Turner, an NPR education correspondent.

“To make matters worse, according to the U.S. Department of Education, black teachers are leaving their classrooms at a higher rate than any other group,” Turner continued.

One reason for the blaxit going on in the public education system is the limited opportunity for economic growth being offered to black teachers. Joining the largely left-wing teachers unions is also not a source of definite job security for black instructors. Black people as a whole have good reason to question the liberal establishment that is pandering to them.

Overall, it’s not hard to make the argument that the burden outweighs the blessing of being a black teacher responsible for teaching black students in a whitewashed world.

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