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A Major Battle Over Charter Schools Is Raging In This State

By Victor Trammell

The struggle in America over charter schools in many public school school districts is real. However, in one U.S. state, the struggle is getting more real by the day.

According to the Washington Post, a full-fledged showdown over the existence of charter schools is riling in the state of Massachusetts. Today, there are a total of 80 charter schools in The Bay State. Massachusetts also has a cap on how many charter schools can operate within its borders. That number currently stands at 120.

A yes or no answer to a question on ballots will give voters a chance to make a very important decision on Election Day tomorrow. The Question 2 ballot measure will deal with a great number of issues that are at stake for one of America’s most populous states.

Valerie Strauss, a national education correspondent for The Post wrote the following about the charter school issue on the ballot for voters in Massachusetts:

“Question 2, an initiative on Tuesday’s ballot to approve the raising of the state’s cap on charter schools, is the most expensive ballot initiative in the country — with at least $35 million reportedly raised by both sides — and it’s been as bitter as any. The campaign in support of Question 2 seemed sure to be a success when it started, enjoying bipartisan support, but as time went on, opposition grew.” (The Washington Post)

President Obama has not given his opinion on Question 2, which is an important issue regarding national education matters as well. However, Dr. John King, President Obama’s education secretary has said that he would vote “yes” to Question 2 if he were a resident of Massachusetts.

“Certainly if I lived in Massachusetts and was a Massachusetts voter, I would be voting in support of the ballot measure,” Dr. King told the Boston Globe in a recent interview.

Regardless of whatever happens on Election Day tomorrow, the issue of charter schools in America will continue to make headlines (and rightfully so) in newspapers across the country. The discussion over their effectiveness has gone on since the first charter schools were erected in the early 1990s.

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