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This Black Woman Is First Univ. of GA Student to Earn Ph.D. in Physics

By: Krystle Crossman

Whitney Ingram, age 27, is about to make history. She will become the first African-American woman to obtain a Doctorate degree in physics from the University of Georgia. She was originally going to the school to get her bachelor’s degree in physics but has continued her education and will now be earning her PhD in December. She didn’t realize how big of an accomplishment that this was and in fact did not believe it when she first heard about it. Her mother told her that she should contact someone in the office at the school to confirm whether this was true or not.

Ingram is very modest about this amazing accomplishment and says that she is just getting a degree in a field that she loves. She has always loved science and has decided to go into the field of nanotechnology. This is when extremely small and sometimes even microscopic pieces of technology are used for everyday tasks. At this point in time she is working with a team of researchers on a new project for nanotechnology applications in medicine. The team is looking into finding a way for nanomotors to control how a blood clot moves through the blood vessels so that should surgery be necessary to remove the clot it will be much easier and less dangerous for both the patient and the doctor.

What sparked her curiosity in the world of science was a National Geographic magazine article that spoke about the Sun exploding and destroying everything with it. She said that even though she knew that it was going to be a very long time before that happened it still terrified and fascinated her. She entered in her high school’s Science Olympiad competition and was hooked from that point on. Ingram stated that even though she was an anomaly she didn’t want to be. She hopes that her story inspires other black women to go out and go after their dreams. She doesn’t want to be the first and last African-American female to graduate with a doctorate in physics. Hoping to get out into the workforce after college, Ingram has been applying to multiple positions. She ultimately wants to work for the Department of Defense and then to teach physics at a university.


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7 thoughts on “This Black Woman Is First Univ. of GA Student to Earn Ph.D. in Physics

  1. Sameera V Thurmond

    As an African American, I’ve seen where so many of my people are making rare achievements academically. I have never been more proud in my life. Just learned the other day that an 8-year was accepted into a university in Texas. Imagine that! an 8- year old going to college. And there have been many more who have been accomplished academically. We are doing just fine, in spite of the fact that few Americans outside of the Black community had faith in our abilities. We just had to get over some psychological barriers. Even I had to get over some psychological barriers.

  2. Tina

    This is phenomenal for her as the first African American physic student to graduate from University of Georgia. My heart goes out to her accomplishments and goals that she set out for herself. Blessings with her in the near future!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Jefula

    I will be having good prayers and thoughts for this great lady so that she achieves more and more and become greater and greater in her lifetime! I am so proud of her!

  4. John Stephens

    “Be pleased with the progress that we have made, rather than to be ashamed of our having advanced no further”- Unknown


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