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What the Trump Administration Will Do to America’s Public Schools

By Victor Trammell

Now that voters in the U.S. have elected a new president, concerns over various issues, such as federal education policy and funding have come to the forefront.

Republican President-elect Donald Trump said little on the campaign trail about his ideas regarding public education. However, the 70-year-old businessman did mention the plight of inner-city black people in a demeaning way as he referred to the “bad schools” in their communities.

On September 8th during a campaign stop in Ohio, Trump did unveil his $20 billion-dollar education funding plan, which would allow children in poor public school districts to attend charter and private schools. The plan would particularly focus on the schools in poor districts that are under-performing academically.

According to a Thursday article from the Washington Post, experts have expressed doubt in Trump’s ability to build an administration with a sound government education department.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers told The Post on Wednesday that Trump’s $20 billion-dollar federal education plan spells the “decimation of the public school system.” She also said the following in her exclusive interview with the national newspaper:

“[Trump] really never ran on that proposal. He mentioned it a few times and that was it. Unlike his economic proposals, which were very populist in nature, his education proposal was very ideological in nature, and if one looks at the other results from yesterday, it is in defiance of where the will of the people are.” (The Washington Post)

Education Week Magazine also reported that Trump has an education adviser named Gerald Robinson. Robinson is also a fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and a former state education director in Florida and Virginia. He has also said little about Trump’s plans to overhaul the national education system.

When Education Week recently reached out to Robinson to ask him some questions about his current and future role in the Trump leadership circle, he refused to make a comment.

It certainly sounds like the future of American’s education policy is as uncertain as its future leaders are mysterious.

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