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Christian Families In This Asian Nation Are Quickly Gravitating Toward Homeschooling

By Victor Trammell

In America, private school is typically perceived to be an educational institution, which is not supported by the government and wholly dependent on fees to operate.

In China, all education that is provided to children is free of charge. Therefore, the term “private school” in China is classified as homeschooling. Currently, in the world’s most populous nation, families who are part of a growing Christian demographic are engaging in a mass exodus from the traditional Chinese school system.

According to the China Christian Daily newspaper, a sizable number of Chinese parents are removing their children from traditional schools in China citing an “educational culture of atheism” throughout the country. However, there is a noticeable lack of professionalism among the Chinese parents who are desiring to home-school their children.

Last month in Hangzhou, the capital city of China’s Zhejiang province, a two-day workshop was held to help Chinese parents sharpen their academic training skills in preparation for becoming full-time home-school teachers for their children. Many of these Chinese Christian parents are from the countryside and have limited levels of education.

Elsie Hu, a reporter for the China Christian Daily wrote the following about the two-day workshop, which was organized to help Chinese parents become better home-school teachers:

“In a lecture named “Non-professional Parents of Homeschooling,” Teacher Xu, the keynote speaker, said that many parents had misunderstandings on homeschooling. They thought they didn’t have enough knowledge, teaching skills, experience, spiritual life, and so on. These had all become the greatest obstacles of homeschooling. But education is not living in captivity preparing for life; education itself is life and work. Xu mentioned the Moire Principle, which states that true education should be fun, relaxing with therapeutic effects, inexpensive, low-stress, and yet successful. The Moire Principle guides the parents to balance the development of every aspect of their children, including balancing the consolidation of the head, hands, the heart and health.” (China Christian Daily)

The Moire Principle definitely could be of good use for home-school families in the U.S. In education, there should always be a healthy balance of reasonable discipline and energetic enthusiasm.

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