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This University Is Helping Homeless Kids In Atlanta

By Victor Trammell

Homelessness in America is a growing problem. A more gloomy reality about the homelessness problem in this nation is that a sizable number of those that are homeless are school-aged minors.

In the Atlanta Metropolitan Area alone, there are around 3,000 youths without a place to call home. WGCL-TV, a local Atlanta news station profiled this crisis on Friday (November 18th) in an online report. Thankfully, a local university is working to improve life for dozens of the youths in Atlanta who are dealing with homelessness.

Marcy Stidum, a faculty member at Kennesaw State University (KSU) has started the Campus Awareness Resource and Empowerment Center (CARE). Stidum and a young man named Belldevry Dubuche were profiled in the recent WGCL-TV report about youth homelessness and what KSU is doing to help.

Dubuche (who was living in shelter not too long ago) got referred to KSU after dealing with a two-year bout with homelessness. A local ministry got him in contact with Stidum and things started to get a little better.

“My role in his life is to help him set a plan that he can sustain and not have to repeat this moment again where he was homeless,” Stidum told WGCL-TV. CARE worked hard on Dubuche’s behalf and was able to help him find a job and apartment on campus.

KSU’s CARE program is the first of its kind. No other college in the state of Georgia is helping homeless youths with a program like this. Today, KSU is helping around 80 youths with homelessness. However, these young people must attend school and work part-time to be eligible to receive the CARE program’s services.

Learning resourceful skills, becoming more employable, and exercising the stability needed to earn a living are some of the keys to avoiding homelessness and other plagues that are associated with poverty. Hopefully, other educational institutions in Georgia will follow KSU’s lead in the fight against youth homelessness.

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