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How the Education System’s Disciplinary Policies Displaces Black Girls

By Victor Trammell

New York Magazine published an article online on Tuesday (December 13th), which reported a disturbing story about how black school-aged girls, in particular, are being railroaded by the education system’s disciplinary policies.

The article was written by Dayna Evans a columnist for New York Magazine who has written a number of pieces that showcase her respectable skills as a journalist. Evans’ article was titled, “The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of School.”

This statistics revealed in her report showed a haunting reality that is facing black girls in America’s public schools.

“Black girls, according to research by the National Women’s Law Center, are on the receiving end of a disproportionate percentage of unfair discipline. This is responsible for what is known as “push-out”: when a school’s disciplinary actions encourage a student to abandon their education,” Evans wrote.

Evans report also revealed some data, which was extracted from a double-team 2014 investigation conducted by the National Women’s Law Center, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. The research performed by these two organizations revealed some troubling news that has been getting swept under the rug.

“Black girls accounted for 31 percent of all girls referred to law enforcement and almost half the number of girls who experienced a school-related arrest,” Evans also wrote.

Here is a direct quote from the 2014 report on the study, which was conducted by the National Women’s Law Center and the  NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund:

“Although African-American students are punished more frequently than their white peers, they are not engaged in more frequent or serious misbehavior.” (NWLC & NAACP)

Black school-aged boys have always been the ravaged victims of the unfair enforcement of these educational disciplinary policies on the books at America’s public schools. However, this new information being revealed by New York Magazine is showing another troubling, racially-based assault being lodged against our nation’s black girls.

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