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Christensen Institute Study: Teachers Might End Up Being Replaced By Machines

By Victor Trammell

A newly released white paper produced by Thomas Arnett, the senior research fellow for the Christensen Institute subtly suggests that technology may make teachers obsolete one day.

That probably won’t be the case for quite some time. However, Arnett said in a recent interview with Education Week Magazine that technology will definitely take over in the future when it comes to educating the nation’s children. Arnett’s white paper is titled “Teaching In the Machine Age: How Innovation Can Make Bad Teachers Good and Good Teachers Better.”

In his exclusive interview with Education Week, Arnett pointed out that changes are coming in the near future because of the need to implement technology in every facet of educating children in today’s rapidly changing technological era. So much money is being spent on public school initiatives for innovative learning. The big question is how can time and resources be saved in the future.

“I think we’re still a few years away from fully realizing the potential of what technology can do for teachers, and there’s still a lot of innovation to happen to get us there. But soon—possibly within the next five to 10 years—most schools will have the capability to offload basic instruction and planning onto machines,” Arnett said in his interview.

Madeline Will, a columnist for Education Week Magazine pointed out in her December 15th article for the publication that the current landscape in today’s public education environment calls for some innovative technological changes.

“As school districts across the country have struggled recruiting teachers for certain subjects, technology has been used as a stopgap measure to curb the shortage. For example, a Georgia school district has hired 10 virtual teachers in middle and elementary schools after not being able to fill the vacant positions,” Will wrote.

Implementing technological studies is something that smart, homeschooling parents can do on their own. The time is certainly right for children to learn rewarding skills in this field today.

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