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Former Drug Dealer Graduates From An Ivy League at 67

By Victor Trammell

An amazing man who had a troubled past riddled with a criminal history, drug addiction, and incarceration has made national headlines over a truly riveting personal testimony.

David Norman (pictured) is living proof that the unimaginable can happen when you remain dedicated, never give up hope, and always believe in yourself. Norman’s personal story has been chronicled by a number of major media sources, including the New York Daily News.

He did an exclusive interview with the newspaper, which was conducted earlier this year. Carter Higgins, a columnist for BlackDoctor.Org wrote the following about Norman’s miraculous story in a blog post, which was published by the African-American health news website in May of 2016:

“After [decades in a life of crime] and two prison stints, a former Harlem drug dealer, David Norman, who grew up with a rap sheet full of arrests, has graduated from Columbia University as the oldest member of his class. Norman’s extraordinary journey from drugs to a degree started when he was young. Norman was drinking by age 11 and using heroin before his 15th birthday. Norman turned into a street hustler, slinging dope and making money. The only education before going to prison consisted of his high school education.” (BlackDoctor.Org)

Norman was released from a New York state penitentiary in the year 2000 after spending most of his adulthood behind bars due to a living a life of crime and negativity, which could have ultimately put him in a grave. However, after Norman was released from prison, he attained a job as an outreach worker for substance abusers at New York’s Mount Vernon Hospital.

Doing that kind of life-changing activity inspired Norman to pursue his education at Columbia University where he dedicated himself as a trusty research assistant and a research interviewer at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. Norman eventually completed his graduate degree at Columbia at the age of 67.

“I did a little inventory of myself to try to unearth what it was that led me astray in the beginning and what I need to do when I get home not to fall victim to this activity again,” Norman said in his exclusive interview with The New York Daily News.

You can read more about Mr. Norman’s compelling story by clicking here.

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