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Homeschooling In “the truth-centered way” Explained

By Victor Trammell

A special form of homeschooling is being taught in China, which is a nation with an exemplary track record on education when it comes the ever-changing global standard on academics.

According to the China Christian Daily newspaper, a home-school workshop takes place regularly in Hangzhou, the capital city in China’s  eastern Zhejiang province. A man known as Teacher Xu is the keynote speaker and facilitator of these homeschooling workshops, which take place in Hangzhou.

In one of these workshops, Xu recently introduced a form of homeschooling he calls “The Truth-Centered Way.” Elsie Hu, a columnist for the China Christian Daily wrote the following in an online article published Tuesday (December 27th) about Xu’s theological brand of homeschooling:

“Xu thinks that children are the perfect creation of God, that they are images of God. They’re also born with the ability for self-development, learning, and exploration. But children are also flawed, so they need the truth and grace from their parents. With the law as their disciplinarian until Christ came. Therefore, homeschooling does not focus on parents or children, but the truth of God.” (China Christian Daily)

Xu’s “truth-centered” philosophy on homeschooling teaches that children should never be looked upon as a liability by their parents when it comes to how their regular need for learning is taken into account. He stresses that overthinking or overdoing things is not necessary.

“Children are not consumers, not are they the burden of their parents. They’re blessings for the parents, and the arrows in the quiver of a warrior,” Xu said in his exclusive interview the China Christian Daily. “Parents do not need to do too much,” he continued.

Hu seems to agree with Xu’s prescription for low-pressure academic training in the home. She writes the following in the closing paragraph of her article:

“As you know, there is no perfect parent. Once the parents attempt to be perfect, they equate themselves to God. Also, there is no perfect kid, but only children enlightened and taught the truth of God.” (China Christian Daily)

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