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This Young Man Refused Bill Gates’ Job Offer For This Reason

By Victor Trammell

Being able to do your own thing as it pertains to building a business or choosing a career path is quite a luxury.

This dream was a reality for a sharp young man named Chris Kwekowe (pictured). Kwekowe, 23, is an entrepreneur from the African nation of Nigeria who thrives in the field of technology. He was given a big photo opportunity and a vast amount of exposure when he did an August 2016 television interview with Bill Gates, the multi-billionaire co-founder of Microsoft.

During the television interview, Gates was under the impression that Kwekowe was going to accept an offer to work as a software engineer for Microsoft. However, Gates was surprised to learn that the young and tech-savvy Kwekowe was not appearing on television to ask Gates to give him job or be his savior for anything.

Kwekowe appeared on television to show Gates the business plan that he had for Slatecube, a website he co-founded to deal with the high unemployment rate in Nigeria. profiled Kwekowe and his company in an interesting article, which was published online earlier this month.

Chinwendu Mmuojeke, a BuzzNigeria contributor wrote the following about Slatecube’s amazing story:

“Slatecube runs a three-tiered program. Users are expected to complete a course in their chosen discipline (most are free)- in classes range from corporate finance to anger management. Next, [Slatecube] assigns [users] virtual internships that allow them to work for companies, including IT businesses. Should the virtual internship go well, companies can hire the Slatecube graduates on a full-time basis.” (

Kwekowe told BuzzNigeria that Gates was surprised to learn that he turned the offer from Microsoft to work as a software engineer. “When I told him, Gates was intrigued and he smiled. After the program, the directors were like, ‘Dude you mean you actually turned down a job at Microsoft and had the guts to tell Bill Gates?'” Kwekowe said in an exclusive interview with BuzzNigeria.

This story definitely proves that blacks have the ability to do remarkable things and succeed in the field of technology without asking white male billionaires for anything. It’s not about the offers you take off the table as you move up the socioeconomic ladder in life. Kwekowe’s story shows that it’s all about the offers you turn down.

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