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Guess Where It Is Now Illegal To Spank Your Kids?

By Victor Trammell

Spanking children as a preventative consequence for bad behavior or incorrigible acts has been seen for a long time as a controversial disciplinary procedure.

Some parents (and even educators) see spanking as totally necessary and do it whenever they see fit. Others see it as heavy-handed and not needed in order to get children to behave the way they are supposed to. In a great number of U.S. states (such as Texas), spanking is legal in public schools.

In other U.S. territories (such as the state of Washington), spanking is not tolerated in public schools and statewide child protection agencies will remove children from the home without any hesitation for the slightest report of abuse. However, there is no uniform national law in America, which totally prohibits spanking.

In another Western nation, spanking has just been outlawed in every single one of its provinces. According to, a national digital news source owned by Microsoft, the European country of France has made it completely illegal to spank your child under any circumstances.

Christina Poletto, a MSN reporter and editor wrote the following in an online article published Thursday (January 5th) about the new French anti-spanking law, which went into effect late last year:

“On December 22, the French parliament successfully voted to enact the “Equality and Citizenship” bill, which places a country-wide ban on all forms of corporal punishment, including harmful physical treatment like caning, flogging, or, a more common form of punishment — spanking. Child abuse was already illegal in the country, but this new law, which makes spanking a civil rather than criminal offense, was created to eradicate all forms of “degrading, cruel and humiliating” treatment of kids by their parents.” (

One prominent global child protection policy figure has expressed their unwavering support for France’s new law.

“Ending cruel, degrading or humiliating treatment is an indispensable component of a comprehensive national strategy for the prevention and elimination of violence against children,” said Marta Santos Pais, a special secretary representative of the United Nations.

“[France’s new law]  lays the foundation for a culture of respect for children’s rights; safeguards children’s dignity and physical integrity; and encourages positive discipline and education of children through non-violent means,” she continued.

In a stable, home-school household that is well-insulated from outside influences in popular culture, government, the media, or public school boards, the choice to spank or not spank lies totally with the parent(s).

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