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Band at ‘Louisiana’s Most Racist High School’ to Play at Trump’s Inauguration

By Victor Trammell

The marching band of the so-called “most racist high school in the state of Louisiana” is making headlines again for something that people should not be surprised about because of the school’s long history of creating controversy.

Raw Story reported on Friday (January 6th) that the marching band at West Monroe High School in West Monroe, Louisiana is scheduled to perform at the January 20th inauguration of Republican president-elect Donald J. Trump. A local West Monroe media source recently tagged the high school with the “most racist” label.

It was very obvious throughout the course of Trump’s campaign and eventual election that the nation was severely divided along racial lines. Trump’s pushing of the envelope with his racially-charged antics added to divisive state of the American populace just like West Monroe High School has been known to do over the years.

The high school’s mascot is The Rebel. This is a historic, symbolic reference to the nickname for the Confederate soldiers who fought during America’s Civil War of the late 19th century. The Southern Confederates, including those who lived in the U.S. state of Louisiana were die-hard advocates of the enslavement of black Americans.

West Monroe High is proud of Louisiana’s place on the pro-slavery side of American history and the school shows it by openly displaying Confederate flags throughout its hallways, locker rooms, and school stadium.

Anti-racism advocates once tried to get West Monroe High to remove the Confederate relics on its school premises.

This happened after the massacre of nine black congregation members at a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina during the month of June in 2015. However, West Monroe High refused to cave in and continued to fly the flags with pride.

U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is the man who endorsed West Monroe High’s marching band and helped the band members get the chance to perform at the inauguration of the brash psychobabbler who has vowed to “take America back to the good ol’ days.”

Luckily, black parents in America don’t have to send their children to public school havens of hate like West Monroe High. They can affordably, legally, and conveniently educate their children in the privacy of their own homes.

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2 thoughts on “Band at ‘Louisiana’s Most Racist High School’ to Play at Trump’s Inauguration

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  2. Kathy Ritter

    What’s your website called? The black home school? What if there were a website called “The white home school”, or for instance, a tv called “Strong White Women.” How offensive does that feel to you? Isn’t it racist and segregating to promote what you do? I’m so sick of all the bs. Just see one another for who they are…their character. Stop promoting separation.


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