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Superintendent in Arkansas Claims Public Schools Are Better Than Homeschooling

By Victor Trammell

In America, the number of parents taking their children out of public school to home-school them is increasing steadily as time goes on.

This growing phenomenon is worrying a lot of public school district administrators, as well as those who sit on state and local boards of public education. These worries exist for a variety of reasons. One of them is financial. Most local public school districts in America get budget funds allocated, which are based on the total amount of children attending school in the district.

When the total amount of students enrolled in a district’s schools decreases, the public education budget dollar amount allocated per student takes a dip as well. Any given school year, a significant increase in students being pulled from public school to be homeschooled by their parents could rattle the public education system to its core.

This realistic possibility is has caused a lot of federal, state, and local public education administrators (including outgoing U.S. Dept. of Ed. Secretary Dr. John King) to lodge public criticism against parents who choose homeschooling as a means to educate their children over conventional schooling alternatives, such as public education.

Another public school official has recently voiced their displeasure with the growing home-school movement. According to a credible January 7th report from One News Now, a public school official in the U.S. state of Arkansas sent letters to  home-school parents who live in his local district, which told them that homeschooling was “inferior” to public education. A portion of One News Now’s recent report reads as follows:

“Little Rock School District Superintendent Mike Poore sent out a written invitation to local homeschooling parents toward the end of November last year, urging them to enroll their children in public school – insisting that his state-funded instruction would provide them with a superior education than anything they could personally administer to students at home.” (

Poore’s claim that homeschooling is a bad alternative to public education is unfounded. There are many shining examples of homeschooled children who grew up to be college educated and successful adults. Tim Tebow, the celebrated college football television analyst and former NCAA and NFL quarterback graduated from the University of Florida with a very respectable GPA.

There are many resources available to parents who want to make the public school to home-school transition smoothly and affordably.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,






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