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Why Are Home-schoolers In This NY District Treated Differently?

By Victor Trammell

In one New York public school district, home-school parents are observing that their children are not being held to the same standard as children who are conventionally educated.

According to a recent report from One News Now, home-school parents in New York’s Horseheads Central School District were receiving equivalency letters from their area’s district officials, which contain ridiculously high expectations for them. This makes it difficult for home-school parents to legitimize their children’s graduations.

One would think that if a home-school parent is legally abiding by their state’s laws, which govern how they educate their children, graduation procedure would be the same as it is for a conventionally educated school student in the event the home-school student completes their education.

However, the Home-school Legal Defense Association’s (HSLDA) investigation into this matter has found that the standards for home-school and conventional school students are not equal as it pertains to legitimizing their graduations. In fact, the HSLDA found that the standards for conventional student graduations are much lower.

Not only that, home-school graduates in the state of New York are not eligible to receive an important piece of documentation from the state’s Board of Regents.

“Once a public school student has completed the required high school credits and passed the minimum number of Board of Regents exams – New York’s end-of-course assessments for high school students – he or she is entitled to a New York state Regents Diploma,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt told One News Now.

“While home-school students can take Regents exams, they can never earn a Regents Diploma – unless they graduate from their local public school,” he continued.

New York is not a friendly state for parents who want to home-school their children. The state’s regulations on home-based education are strict and discourage a lot of parents who want to home-school their children from participating there.

States like New York treat home-schoolers treat differently and more harshly for a variety of reasons. One good one is money. The growing home-school movement in America causes a large degree of concern in local public school district officials because more home-school students means less financial assistance from the government.

However, joining organizations like the HSLDA can significantly help parents gain the legal protections and lobbying they need in their fight for education equality. For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,



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