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This U.S. State Has Just Proposed a New Law to Make Pants Sagging Illegal

By Victor Trammell

Pants sagging has been a shameful trend inside the gang sub-culture, which has been sensationalized by black American males over the decades.

Unfortunately, this trend starts developing with young boys long before they grow up to become men involved as street criminals or inmates in the U.S. prison structure. Black boys see these images of pants sagging at school, on television, or on the internet.

Religious leaders in youth church ministries and anti-gang community activists have tried to prevent sagging by offering belts to young boys and donating more dressy, respectable articles of clothing to impoverished neighborhoods so that black males don’t have to dress like street thugs.

In Mississippi, a statehouse lawmaker has proposed a piece of legislation, which will make sagging illegal if the crime prevention bill goes into law. State Representative Tom Weathersby (R) is the leading proponent of this anti-sagging bill. Weathersby talked about his new anti-sagging plan in a recent interview with the Mississippi Today newspaper.

“Personally, I like to see people dressed when they’re in public and I like to see people with their pants up,” Weathersby told the Mississippi Today. R.L. Nave, a reporter for the statewide newspaper wrote the following about Weatherby’s new bill in an online article, which was published January 26th:

“Several local governments, around the country and in Mississippi, have proposed or implemented anti-sagging ordinances. The city of Jackson, Hinds County and city of Gautier have all proposed such laws in recent years, but none have been successful. Weathersby’s bill would impose a verbal warning on the first offense. The third offense would draw a fine of $20. By the sixth offense, violators would have to pay a $100 fine and undergo psychological and social counseling by state departments of human services and mental health.” (

Teaching black children about the negative aspects of America’s gang and criminal subculture definitely must start in the home.

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