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Child Abuse Helpline Is Funneling Black Kids Into Foster Care

By Victor Trammell

The Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles County, California was recently profiled by Southern California Public Radio’s (SCPR) KPCC 89.3 and the Los Angeles Times newspaper in a way that was less than favorable.

The member-supported public media network published an informative article on its website last week, which investigated how the child welfare helpline for Los Angeles County is spoon-feeding black children into foster care at a disproportionate rate in Southern California.

This report by SCPR covered an investigation conducted by Garrett Therolf, a correspondent for the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley and Common Sense News. Therolf’s coverage of this issue was published in a Los Angeles Times article. A portion of SCPR’s online report reads as follows:

“[LA County’s Department of Children and Family Services] serves roughly 36, 000 children a year, many of them children of color. Here’s a possible reason why. A new investigation in the Los Angeles Times says roughly one in three black children are reported to the department’s child protection hotline – before the age of five. These calls are concentrated in South Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley,  areas with large African-American communities. But what happens to the children once the call is made, and the social worker arrives to check on the abuse claim? (

Therolf and a member of SCPR’s investigation reporting team also spoke with a black woman named Monique Baker. Baker spent 10 months fighting to regain custody of her children after they were abruptly snatched out of her home by LA County’s Department of Children ad Family Services.

To read Inside a Mom’s Months-Long Fight to Get Back Her Children, a special investigative report about Baker’s story from the Los Angeles Times, click here.

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