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This HBCU Cheerleading Squad Just Made History After Winning National Title

By Victor Trammell

An amazing feat has been accomplished by a hard-working group of young women during 2017’s Black History Month.

According to WJCL-TV (a local ABC News affiliate in the Savannah, Georgia area), the cheerleading team at Savannah State University (SSU) won first place at the 2017 CheerSport Nationals. This year’s national college cheerleading competition was held in Atlanta, Georgia last weekend.

The SSU cheerleading team is the first HBCU cheer squad in American history to win the CheerSport national college championship.

“We have a lot of great members on this squad and a great program,” Morgan Moore told WJCL. Moore is a SSU senior who is a member of the school’s cheerleading team.

“We just wanted to make sure to better it, improve it and make it the best we can, it’s just a great achievement for our squad and our school,” Moore continued.

The SSU cheerleading team faced some stiff competition at this year’s CheerSport Nationals. SSU hasn’t had a chance to participate in the annual competition since 2013. However, this year’s cheer squad feels great about not only participating, but winning the grand prize.

“We are very excited, ecstatic…just a feeling that you can’t explain. It’s indescribable, it’s just a great feeling to know that we’ve made history at our school,” Moore added.

The CheerSport Nationals were held for the first time in 1997. According to the competition’s website, 900 different cheerleading teams have participated in this annual event since 2010. In 2012, the CheerSport Nationals began using the Varsity Scoring System and started the College Championship format.

The competition seems to grow with every passing year. It is very fitting for the first HBCU cheer squad to win it this year during Back History Month. Congratulations to SSU for their school’s historic victory.

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