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This Current UNC Tar Heels Basketball Star Was Homeschooled

By Victor Trammell

One huge misconception people have about homeschooling is that it does not prepare children and adolescents for college.

However, a sizable percentage of high school students do not get accepted into college after they graduate from the 12th grade. There are also a number of high-profile Division One (D1) collegiate athletes who have proven that homeschooling can prepare youths for college just as good, if not better than traditional private or public schools.

One of today’s most notable D1 athletes who fits that mold is an NCAA basketball star named Justin Jackson (pictured center). Jackson is a small forward who plays for the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) top-five rated Tar Heels. He is a junior at UNC who is majoring in Exercise & Sport Science.

In Jackson’s three-year career as an NCAA basketball player, he has racked up some very respectable numbers on the court and has earned some coveted accolades. Jackson has even earned the Julius Erving Award and was named during this year’s preseason as the national player to watch at the small forward position.

Jackson’s hometown is Tomball, Texas. It was here that he was homeschooled by a loving family who kept him very much involved in sports. His parents were members of the Homeschool Christian Youth Association (HCYA). The HCYA is a Texas-based support organization, which helps homeschooling parents keep their children involved in sports.

The HCYA also gives homeschool youths the opportunity to engage in other memorable activities, such as an annual gala for seniors and a graduation ceremony. Jackson’s HCYA basketball coach was a man named Mike Decker. Coach Decker became an integral part of Jackson’s basketball career when he played for the HCYA Warriors.

Currently, Jackson is playing very well and putting up career averages in the scoring category. The 6′ 8,” 210-pound UNC junior is a prolific shooter and deceptive defender with great hands. Jackson’s story proves that homeschooled youths can achieve anything in this world; even become a serious National Basketball Association (NBA) prospect.

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