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California School District Sued For Allowing Racial Persecution of Student

By Victor Trammell

Very recently, profiled the story of Evan Mack (pictured center), a former student at Analy High School located in Sebastabpol, California.

Analy is located in northern California’s West Sonoma County Union High School District. Mack is a biracial student who was severely harassed, persecuted, and threatened by the overwhelmingly white student population at Analy High. The racially-based torture of Mack occurred over a two-year period. He left the school in October 2015 as a junior.

Mack has a white father (pictured far left) and a black mother (pictured far right). Mack’s parents went to the superintendent of the West Sonoma County Union High School District to report the out-of-control racism at Analy after faculty members, the principal, and teachers refused to do anything about their son’s daily torment.

The federal government even completed an investigation, which looked into the constant incidents of deep-seated racism.

However, Mack and his family have finally fought back against Analy High School and the West Sonoma County Union High School District by filing a lawsuit, which makes a number of claims. The Press Democrat newspaper reported  that attorney Jay Jambeck has been hired by the Mack family to handle this case and represent them in federal court.

“It’s a hostile-environment, racial discrimination case,” Jambeck told the Press Democrat.

Jambeck recently filed a lawsuit on the Mack family’s behalf in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, California. A portion of the Press Democrat ‘s February 27th report about this serious federal lawsuit reads as follows:

“Before the first day of classes, Mack said he was subjected to racist comments as a member of the football squad. Another player asked him, “Why don’t you talk black?” and told him, “You sound white,” according to the lawsuit. The same player used the N-word in front of coaches, despite being told by Mack that it offended him, his suit alleges.” (The Press Democrat) will be covering this story as new developments are made in the future.

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