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Uproar Erupts After Teen Suspended After Bully Called Him a “N!***r”

By Victor Trammell

Civil unrest ignited recently in a North Carolina (NC) community after a black teen was suspended for defending himself against severe bullying and racial harassment at the hand of a white student.

According to ABC11 News, a local news source in the Raleigh, NC area, a viral video (which was shot at Wake Forest High School in NC’s Wake County) has caused quite a stir. In the video, a black male student at Wake Forest named Micah Speed (pictured) is seen being involved in a physical altercation with another male student.

Speed has maintained that the physical action he took was in response to the consistent harassment he’s been experiencing at Wake Forest. Speed also said that he’s made numerous complaints to school administrators about the ongoing racially-charged bullying he’s endured to no avail.

To further add insult to injury, Speed was given 10 days of out-of-school suspension after the video of him defending himself surfaced. Many black students at Wake Forest and the parents of those students have stood behind Speed during his unfair ordeal.

“I want to say I’m not a violent person. That’s not who I am … Everybody who’s known me and that knows me currently knows that I try to avoid confrontation and I usually laugh things off, but I was just pushed over the breaking point,” Speed told a local news source in an exclusive interview.

“[The other white student in the video] said things like … I need to name my son ‘Convict’ and ‘Crackhead’ … because that’s what they’ll grow up to be. He threw the N-word around very loosely, said things that I looked like I bathed in coffee beans and dirt,” Speed continued.

The white student even told Speed that he would kill him and his entire family. Speed’s suspension has been reduced to five days since this story was originally reported. However, a petition requiring 1,300 signatures has been started to put pressure on school officials to take disciplinary action against the white student in the video who was harassing Speed.

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