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Lebron James: “We Need More Kids Pursuing STEM Careers, Not Sports”

By Victor Trammell

Any child living today that really loves the sport of basketball would probably give anything in the world to grow up and be a megastar like Lebron James.

The 32-year-old forward on the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers NBA franchise is more than just your typical professional athlete. He’s a cultural icon and global brand ambassador for American basketball all over the world. Aside from his long list of accolades on the court, James is a great advocate for children and communities off the court.

His latest off-the-court crusade of honor involves a partnership he has with Verizon Wireless called the #WeNeedMore campaign. This initiative is all about motivating children to understand that they don’t have to become professional athletes in order to live the great life afforded to stars like James.

In an Instagram post made Saturday (April 1st), James wrote a weighty statement, which emphasized the importance of children in America to pursue careers in other valuable and much-needed fields, such as STEM. A portion of the four-time NBA MVP’s Instagram post reads as follows:

“We don’t need more Lebrons. We need more physical therapists, scientists, police officers, teachers, doctors, professors, physicists, computer engineers, etc!! I want every kid to know there is absolutely NO LIMIT to what you can be. The teacher/accountant/scientist/[doctor]/etc is just as talented as any athlete, if not more.”

James went on say in his good-natured statement that there are a vast number of professional people who have surrounded him in his career that have played a big part in his success. However, he didn’t mention his fellow star athletes.

“I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many incredible men [and] women I work with who have never seen the court but are just as vital to our success as I am,” James added.

To read more about the #WeNeedMore campaign organized by Verizon and James, go to the Brand Marketing column of

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