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Scientists Adjusting Standards That Put Black Kids In Obesity Category

By Victor Trammell

A study conducted by the British government resulted in a groundbreaking conclusion, which contends that measurements used to determine childhood obesity should be adjusted based on race.

According to the Libertarian Republic newspaper, British scientists have determined that the Body Max Index (BMI) standard should be lowered as it pertains to children of African descent. To reach their conclusion, the scientists studied children of different ethnic groups who were all in the 4-12-year-old age group.

The scientists then came up with a formula to “adjust” BMI calculations when it came to ethnicity.

“The new adjustments mean black children are less likely to be classified as overweight or obese than a white or Asian child with the same BMI. The researchers urge the adoption of these new altered standards for the entire U.K.,” wrote Andrew Follett, a reporter and columnist for The Libertarian Republic.

The research conducted on this BMI project was paid for with funds from the British National Institute for Health Research (BNIHR). This agency is financed by the British taxpayers. Mohammed Hudda, a researcher at the University of London released a press statement, which outlined the merit behind the BNIHR study.

Hudda’s statement partially reads as follows:

“Childhood obesity is a major public health challenge in the UK, and this research will give healthcare professionals extra help in making accurate judgements when deciding whether children, particularly of South Asian or Black African origin, are underweight, normal, overweight or very overweight (obese). Of about 3.3million children of compulsory school age in state-funded primary education, approximately 275,000 are of South Asian ethnic origin and 170,000 of African origin, demonstrating the large number of children in the UK for whom these adjustments would be relevant.” (

Obesity among children is a serious health problem in America as well. A different study conducted by medical researchers at Duke University confirmed that the number of overweight and obese children has skyrocketed since 1999.

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