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This Writer Says “Whupping” Kids Is Slave Mentality

By Victor Trammell

Parents who use corporal punishment against their children when they misbehave often use the “Spare the rod, spoil the child” biblical reference when justifying their disciplinary decisions.

Traditionally raised black families who have deep-seated roots in the church often live by this disciplinary style and have been doing so for generations. However, a new book written by a progressive black female journalism professor is seeking to undo the tradition of “whupping” black children who misbehave.

This book is titled “Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America” and it is written by Dr. Stacey Patton (pictured). Dr. Patton teaches at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

She’s appeared on national cable news channels as a guest commentator and is a nationally-known social justice advocate.

A book review of “Spare the Kids” was recently published on the website of The Chronicle of Social Change. This book review was written by Marie K. Cohen, a senior contributor to The Chronicle’s blog. Cohen called Dr. Patton’s latest literary offering “an important new book.”

“Patton argues that the use of ‘whupping’ by black parents is a legacy of slavery. She found no evidence that West African civilizations employed the type of ‘ritualistic physical punishment’ that is practiced by some black parents today,'” Cohen wrote about Dr. Patton’s philosophy.

However, Cohen pokes holes in Dr. Patton’s philosophy by pointing out some vital misinformation about data, which was  published in “Spare the Kids.”

“Patton draws a direct link between corporal punishment and child abuse, but her discussion of federal data on this issue is rather weak,” Cohen reveals.

“[Dr. Patton] reports that federal statistics ‘consistently show that black children are mistreated and killed by their family members at significantly higher rates than children of any other group.’ But the majority of these maltreated children were found to be neglected rather than abused,'” Cohen continued.

Dr. Patton’s argument could be further legitimized had her own children (if she has any) given testimony about their experience being raised in her household correctly without experiencing a single incident of corporal punishment. A childless advocate of children has limited credibility when making prescriptions about raising them when they haven’t done so themselves.

You can buy a copy of Dr. Stacey Patton’s new book here.

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10 thoughts on “This Writer Says “Whupping” Kids Is Slave Mentality

  1. Lonnie

    I don’t agree with the sentiment that you need children to legitimize this argument. All you need are scientific facts and data. Dr.Patton has proven her point using real, quantifiable data through peer reviewed research which makes her more than qualified to speak on the topic. Having a child proves nothing and it’s embarrassing that you are belittling someone’s accomplishments due to their personal reproductive choices. It’s shows that you have nothing really constructive to say.

  2. David Bryant

    You clearly didn’t read her book, at all. What is clear, however, is that you cherry picked from someone else’s opinion piece. Her sources and data are verifiable, she has a host of National and international support (including Black run orgs) AND she can cite and back up her findings. You have presented NOTHING in your piece that contradicts, negates or refutes her claim and THAT is the slave mentality she is referring to.

  3. Nugs

    Do I need to be a licensed cosmetologist to point out that someone gave a lousy haircut? The same tired “well you don’t have kids” is nothing but a cop out from people who are terrible parents. Next time you want to whoop your kid, punch yourself in the nutsack instead for being an idiot.

    • alla

      Team Nugs. Besides if “whuppings” were so effective they wouldn’t need to be repeated. Sad and shameful that some ppl’s egos are more important to them than their children or basic human decency or in many cases the law of the land.

  4. SJ Gaines

    I invite you to read the book and then write a review. However, I do think that you can agree with the title that whooping Black children has not saved Black children from incarceration, homicide, or racism. An adult who studied history and statistics on the issue of whether spanking has saved Black children is far more credible than a parent who refuses to learn and refuses to look critically at the issue.

  5. V. MURPHY

    I personally was disciplined in this matter as were my other siblings 4 others. I’m the oldest. I was type of child who at a young age realized I didn’t CONTROL my life and the Adult were. So, I wasn’t a child who did things to get a whupping. I followed the RULES of the the HOUSEHOLD. I knew when I was GROWN I could do what I WANTED TO DO. However, my sister next in age under me who also knew the HOUSE RULES chose to come up with creative lies, sneaking out, ditching school just to mention a few of things I remember right off top of my head. In our ADULT conversation she claimed My father BEAT US!! I Disagree. I reminded her of what she used to do to have to be discipline in that matter. I asked her WHAT DID SHE THINK OUR FATHER SHOULD HAVE DONE? To this day still don’t have her answer. I feel that CHILDREN are DIFFERENT what works for ONE WON’T WORK FOR OTHER. And parents need to take time to learn THEIR INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DISCIPLINE THEM. Whupping MAY NOT WORK FOR ALL. But, they Definitely WORK FOR SOME.

    • Dee

      Didn’t work for your sister did it? I had a man tell me once that his father used to beat the hell out of him for this slightest infraction. He said that he finally didn’t care and did what he wanted. Why? Because the beating was only going to last so long then he could go right back to his activities.
      This is not a book about parenting, it is an examination of a practice that we as a culture have embraced as our own and it’s not.
      Scientific study proves that beating “whupping” children is not only ineffective, but is also causes psychological damage. I suggest you read the book instead of relying on the criticisms of someone else who hasn’t read it.
      I believe you will be very surprised what you will learn.

  6. alla

    That’s right use the ignorant defense of saying this learned woman knows nothing because she perhaps hasn’t bred like a bunny to validate herself. Obviously her years of education and scientific study pale in comparison to one(s) that have literally spread and pushed their way into knowledge and experience. BTW, the mentality of dissing education and the educated is also rooted in slave mentality.

  7. Donnell

    I never got the extension chord..but the belt and switch were used to get me together when necessary. No matter what form of discipline you choose to use, it has to be rooted in love. I will break both of my boys off if necessary, but they know why the got it, it’s never out of anger, and they were given ample warning before..I’ve seen parents never lay a hand on their child, and they were all sorts of screwed up, not because they weren’t whooped, but because they were punished, not disciplined…there’s a difference.

    • Ronald Woodard

      Donnell, V. Murphy, I TOTALLY agree with you both! Any (sane, NOT out of control) parent that knows their children also knows WHICH child needs to be disciplined and which one(s) don’t. Have we as a people gotten so “degreed up” and so educated that we NO LONGER heed the WORD OF GOD? Proverbs 13:24 says: “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” And yes, sometimes that discipline takes the form of a spanking (if a child) to an ASS WHIPPING rooted (as Donnell says) IN LOVE! As single father, I am personally raising a 16 year old son who in the 13 years since his mother died, I have only had to discipline ONCE. He’a a kid with good manners and doesn’t talk back to me or give me the “teen age grief” that a lot of single parents have to go through nowadays. I can only IMAGINE what SINGLE MOTHERS are going through in this day and age. Try to imagine a single mother raising BOYS in the “hood” and one or two of them coming home everyday cursing her out, telling HER what to do and POSSIBLY physically abusing her! If that were ME, I wouldn’t need a book from a degreed man OR woman to tell me what to do in THAT situation. I’D BEAT THE BREAKS OFF HIS ASS then SNATCH A KNOT IN HIS ASS AND DARE HIM TO RUN IT OUT!!!


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