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Kids’ Book Encourages Black Boys To Honor Black Girls

By Victor Trammell

An art teacher from Compton, California recently had his own children’s book published. However, the beautiful theme selected for the book’s subject matter is a rare, inspiring narrative that serves as an excellent model for young black boys to follow.

The author and illustrator of this children’s book is a young black man named Lawrence Liddell (pictured below). The title of his book is From Black Boy With Love. In an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, Liddell described his children’s book as story that is contrary to what he witnessed as boy and man growing up in his community.

“I’m black and my community is full of black and brown women who I love dearly and I wanted to make something for them,” Liddell told the Huffington Post. “But we as men have a huge problem with how we talk, treat and think about women,” he continued.

Liddell was inspired to write his book after seeing children talk down to each other at the school he works at.

“The first thing they go for when teasing each other is hair, body shape and skin tone,” Lindell also said. “’You ol’ nappy-headed, black-ass charcoal looking girl,’ ‘with yo ugly fat a$$.’ We have to change the narrative that the more melanin you have means you’re uglier and that natural hair is bad or improper,” he went on to say.

Lawrence Liddell, Author/Art Educator

Liddell’s book is full of uplifting words and phrases like “Black girl, your skin is magic. Your voice is power. You are life!” Another page reads: “I love your hair, brown girl. You’re amazing!” Liddell’s children’s book has been an economic success. As of today (April 11, 2017), the book is currently sold out.

But more importantly than sales, Liddell wants something else positive to come from the release of his book.

“Black and brown boys, treat all girls with respect, but especially the ones who look like you, sound like you, live where you live; we have to take care of each other,” he concluded.

You can order From Black Boy With Love, or buy any other product from Liddell’s business here.

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