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Black Social Worker Book Teaches Kids About Big Possibilities In Their Careers

By Victor Trammell

A Master’s level social worker-turned-children’s author had a book released by Warren Publishing, which is centered on a great subject topic for black youths.

According to The Charlotte Weekly newspaper and a more recent report from, Jessica McEachern, MA, MSW (pictured right), the author of When I Grow Up (front cover pictured left) embarked on a mission to get children thinking about the future when she conceptualized her illustrated writing project.

The book’s illustrator is Alemanno Andrea, an experienced artist who specializes in children’s books.

McEachern’s target readership is children aged two through 10. She has a neat concept in the book in which she uses each letter in the alphabet to suggest a professional position that starts with each letter. Zoey, the main character, is a little black girl who adventurously scrolls the alphabet to explore career opportunities.

“The U, in Zoey’s world for example, reflects her vision of becoming an urban planner; the Q, a quantitative psychologist. To Zoey the possibilities are seemingly endless and free of gender biases – a world vision encouraged by Zoey’s mother,” reads a March 15 article about the book, which was published by the Charlotte Weekly.

“The book was written with the intent of promoting education and inclusion,” McEachern said in an interview about her children’s book. When I Grow Up has been immaculately received on Amazon. Since its February release, McEachern’s book has gotten a number of great reviews.

“Great book!!! Gets the kids minds to going on what career they want to do when they grow up!! Love this book and so does my daughter!!” wrote Candice C Townsend, a satisfied Amazon customer.

“This is a great children’s book and a wonderful addition to my children’s library,” wrote another Amazon reviewer. “My child couldn’t put it down yesterday….she read it in the car and even asked if she could take it into the aquarium with her! I look forward to the author’s next children’s book,” the reviewer added.

To buy a copy of McEachern’s book for your child, visit her Amazon sales page here.

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