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Meet Derek Onserio: He Got Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

By Victor Trammell

Another black soon-to-be high school graduate has made national headlines for achieving the unbelievable feat of getting accepted into each of America’s so-called “Ivy League” universities.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Derek Onserio, (pictured) a senior at Providence Academy in Plymouth, Minnesota has just received college acceptance letters from Yale, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, and Cornell.

These eight northeastern schools have long been considered to be the nation’s most elite institutions of higher education. This story began when Onserio, 17, was watching the Minnesota Timberwolves play the Los Angeles Lakers on the evening of March 30, the Star Tribune reported.

Some time before Onserio watched his favorite NBA team play the Lakers that night, he filled out applications to attend all of the Ivy League schools. On that critical evening, Onserio went to log on to his computer to see if any of the schools accepted him. However, he wasn’t banking on hearing any good news and prepared himself for the worst-case scenario.

But Onserio didn’t get any bad news when he checked his emails after the game went off. Onserio did not just get accepted by one of the schools. He got accepted by all of them.

“I could barely believe it,” Onserio said. “Was it a mistake?” he continued quoting his thoughts in the moment.

Joshua Onserio-Isaboke, Onserio’s father was also in a state of disbelief when his son showed him that the prestigious schools had accepted him. “I didn’t believe it [at first]. I took a moment to thank God,” Onserio-Isaboke said.

Onserio is a very studious young man who has an affinity for the arts. At his high school, he is an active participant in theater and choir. His family is a member of the Minnetonka Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It is here that Onserio performs all of his community service work to give back.

Congratulations to Derek Onserio. His family is definitely proud of him and how he has exemplified excellence for the black community.

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