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Black Mother-Daughter Duo’s Book Teaches Black History Beyond America

By Victor Trammell

A creative black mother-daughter tag team from Florida has created a coloring book series, which teaches children black historical aspects that extend beyond American history.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Veronica Bey and her six-year-old daughter Vanae James-Bey have created “The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae,” a children’s coloring book series that teaches about the cultures and lifestyles of native-born black people in Africa and all over the world.

Bey and her daughter’s most recent coloring book went on sale March 31st for $12.95. The 20-page coloring book was also co-created by Johnathan Ellerbee, Vanae’s uncle. In a media interview, Bey said that Ellerbee “tremendously” helped with sketches in the book’s early creative stages.

In the late creative stages, Bey enlisted the assistance of Johanne Immis, a professional artist who helped digitize the final illustrations prior to the coloring book’s publishing. Since the book’s release, positive feedback from buyers has come from all over the globe.

“We’ve received tons of positive feedback, with orders from Australia to Amsterdam. Parents asking for one for boys are as negative as the feedback gets,” Bey also said in her media interview. Additionally, Bey talked about her daughter Vanae being homeschooled and how important history and culture are to her and her relatives.

“Culture is very important to our family, [as well as] knowing about our own indigenous roots. Being homeschooled, we tend to stick to a more Afrocentric curriculum and noticed how hard it was to find specific materials for lessons and how many other parents [and] students must feel the same,” Bey went on to say.

She also talked about her daughter’s high level of creativity and the personality traits that helped make her so vital to contributing to the coloring book.

“Vanae was naturally curious about history as she is exposed to tons of documentaries and both myself and her father are avid readers; she’s always around books,” Bey added.

You can buy a copy of “The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae” for your child here.

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