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White Kid Calls Black Classmates on Step Team “Slaves”

By Victor Trammell

A racist white teenager has placed their North Carolina high school under heavy scrutiny over a Snapchat message that spewed bigotry and hatred for the school’s step team.

According to Channel 11 News, a local ABC affiliate in Apex, North Carolina, the Apex Friendship High School step team performed at an assembly in the school’s gymnasium late last week.

“It was fun, everyone wanted to perform. Everyone was looking forward to it,” an unnamed member of the step team told Channel 11 News.

The step team at Apex Friendship High School has 10 members who are all black students. Numerous people recorded the step team’s performance and took pictures at the event  with their cell phones.

However, a white student at Apex Friendship High School had to completely ruin the festive moment by posting their own picture of the step team on Snapchat with a deplorable caption written at the bottom of the photo.

“Plantation owner watches his former slaves rejoice and celebrate their newfound freedom. Circa 1864,” the Snap read.

Joel Brown, an investigative reporter for Channel 11 News shared the white student’s despicable act on Twitter. As expected, the photo sparked outrage and caused the black student population at Apex Friendship High School to demand swift and deliberate action against the racist white student who posted the Snapchat photo.

Matt Wight, the principal at Apex Friendship High School sent out an alert to parents this past Monday (May 1st) informing them of the “highly offensive racial remark.” In his alert message, Wight also reassured parents that the student was identified an will be be dealt with according to the disciplinary policies outlined by the school district.

Wight went on to inform parents that he had personally met with each member of the step team and gave them his personal reassurances as well. Wake County, North Carolina has been identified as a hotbed where racially inflammatory occurrences seem to happen frequently.

The NAACP has intervened in Wake County on numerous occasions and is also investigating this incident as well.

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